short hiking to machupicchu
short hiking to machupicchu

Short Inca Trail Tour To Machu picchu 2D/1N

Inca Trail Tours, Pick Your Path To Be In Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu  with short inca Trail Tours with day 1 to machu picchu is  a great hiking, On the road you can see Incan building as  Chachabamba, Wiñayhuayna. before reaching the famous Sun Gate. You are going to have a nice view to machu picchu incan site.  This hiking on the legendary inca trail is really good to  enjoy every single inca step, Your challenge does not have limit on this short inca trail, just pick up your day pack go to explore This road take us to 7 wonder of the world, also  with beuatiful view to mountains, This wonderfull trek take us to see the amazing inca building along this ancient Inca TrailThere are  alot of Anciant history to learn , This easy hiking to machu picchu  also has amazing flower as  a orchids  and birds on this hiking path your are going to have nice view to this amazing sacred river, as we know this river is consider as  a longest river in the world , Our short inca trail.  to machu picchu is just 2 days tour to explore, by the way  is enough to conquer this beautiful inca trail tours to machu picchu

Tour Briefing To Short Inca Trail

Tour guide. He will be in your hotel to give you information about inca trail to machupicchu, basically your guide will be talking about inca trail and machupicchu incan site, because we have many rules into machu picchu tours also about inca trail too. This information will be one day before to start your inca trail, All information will be with your tour guide also after your extensive information, you are going to have your time to do your questions about your trip to machupicchu



The pick up will be early in the morning from your hotel, in Cusco (4:30 am) in our tourist car, the pick up will be together with the tour guide, who will guiding you on legendary inca trail. The van ride is 1:30 minutes to reach Ollantaytambo train station, where you will enjoy the view to agricultural fields along this route until to reach Ollantaytambo train station together with your guide, board the train that will take you to the beginning of the short inca trail, you will  travel in the train passed through the valleys of chillca and begin with the high Andean jungle that begins the famous Amazon, The trip will be approximately 1:20 minutes to start the walk of km 104. Be in the national park of the machupicchu, Short Inca Trail, you will have the honor to enjoying panoramic views and native plants and fauna, the Inca trail is 7 hours walking to this Machupicchu incan site. Be inside Machupicchu you will have the opportunity to appreciate the archaeology site, and to see the incoming sun set to the west, its unique journey to enjoy the incan buildings because, in the afternoon there are few people inside of Machupicchu. Your opportunity to take advantage of the classic photos from the most traveled points. We can be here 20 minutes, feeling the positive energy of this sacred places, Machupicchu was built by pure people who have been here making llama sacrifice, imagine how mush energy was into this place. Hiking on legendary inca trail to machupicchu, here you can see  the local trees and royal inca steps about rocks,  also you can feel the pure air, because this is as  little jungle  into this place  we have the ancient buildings  to explore
  • High Elevation: 2700 mt /8,858.278 ft
  • Low elevation: 2100 mt /6.889.760 ft
  • Distant to walk: 12 km / 6 miles
  • Time to walk: 7 hours
  • Weather: warn


Our second day is the great  machu picchu tour to  exploration. This day early in the morning you will have breakfast at your hotel, and then we will go out to take a van that will take us directly to the Machu picchu Incan site. When we arrive at the inca site, before moving to the archaeological center, we will have to go through to control, where we will show machu picchu documents and so we can explore this city of the Incas. Our tour will be 3 hours, that means exploring this Inca site to the fullest tour, later on We will return to the village to have lunch, we are going to take a return train to Ollantaytambo and Cusco, After that to your hotel. Basically this day is our highlight to be in Machu picchu inca site, exploring the magic place, as a inca palaces, temples and inca buildings, also to see the sacred sun temple
  • Machupicchu Elevation: 2400 mt / 7874.016 ft
  • Weather: Warm
  • Time to walk: 2/30



  • Professional Guide who speaks English and Spanish
  • Transfer from the Airport to your hotel
  • Transfer from your hotel to airport  after your trip
  • Cusco Transport – Ollantaytambo and Machupicchu
  • Tickets from machu picchu incan site, to machu picchu town
  • Bus Transport – from the village to the ruins of Machu Picchu
  • Machupichu Cusco, train transport
  • Train ticket
  • Machu picchu Ticket
  • Inca trail ticket
  • Box lunch on inca Trail
  • Hotel in Aguas Calientes 3 stars

Gear That You Need To Bring Yo Your Hike

  • Daypack. to carrying your important things  to your trek
  • Sun hat. because during the day is really hot, sun is burning. thanks to global warming everything is changing
  • The water bottle. better could be the alumining bottle, this bottle is not pollute our nature or to our pachamama
  • Hiking shoe.  is better  to have a good shoe to enjoy the hiking, the inca trail is ancient rocky steps which is going up also going down

Not Include


  • Lunch second day
  • Water for trek
  • Tip for staff as a guide or porter
  • Huayna Picchu Mountain $75 USD per person
  • Machu Picchu Mountain $70 USD per person




  • Tour in group $ 470 Per Person
  • Private Tour $ 590 per Person with Vistadome Train

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Short Inca Trail Tour To Machu picchu 2D/1N

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