3 days tour to machu picchu, one day cusco and two inca trail.
3 days tour to machu picchu, one day cusco and two inca trail.

Short Inca Trail + Valley Vip To Machu picchu 3D

Short Inca Trail And Sacred Valley Tour.

This Inca trail tours  offers you more easy on your trip to Machu picchu Tours, Our most sought after tour by travelers, who want to enjoy a 2 day travel adventure on the legendary Inca trail reservation, with a unique view of the Amazon jungle, as well known as the cloudy jungle and also to see the flora and fauna of this unique place, That has its own ecosystem in the valley of Machu picchu. Inca Trail 4 Days, Salkantay Trek, Short Inca trail, Short Inca Trek, 3 Days Short Inca Trail vip, Valley Vip Tour, Inca Quarry Trek, Ancascocha Trek, Ancascocha Hike, Machupicchu Path Tour inca trail road a unique combination for tours in machu picchu  with historical teller tour guide and knowledgeable leader as a machupicchupath, pick your path with us, to ancient incan building machu picchu

Short Inca Trail To Machupicchu:

Our inca trail Treks, or two days to Machu picchu tours, Basically is 1 day hiking to machu picchu incan site, and second day is guiding tour into sacred inca building which is machu picchu Ruins, also you will be on legendary inca path is our goal  to enjoy every single inca step. Also we are going to see incan sites along the way as a chachabamaba inca site and mini machupicchu or wiñayhuayna , those are before sun gate and machupicchu building.

Sacred Valley Tour Before Short Inca Trail:

Our sacred valley tour, begins from Cusco city and is ending in Ollantaytambo town, this tour start at 7:30 am, we are in charge to pick you up from your hotel, after that we are driving to one of best place call Chinchero, Here we can appreciate the best weaving system by local people 100% alpaca wool, after this beautiful tour still we are going to the next place call Maras Moray also to salt mine, those places are super cool to explore and to learn about inca society, Here to see will be the famous inca green house as a laboratory inca, To adapted different types of plants as a corn also potatoes, and salt mine, also one of the inca building will be Ollantaytambo inca site after that we are taking an hotel in this town to stay there for a next day, which is coming our short inca trail to Machu picchu.

Briefing For The Inca Trail 3 Days Tour:

One day before starting the tour we will have the orientation of the tour from the first day to the last day with Machupicchu path, the guide will be in charge to giving you extensive information on how the tour will be carried out for your satisfaction, day by day and time of each visit to the Inca ruins and at the last you will have your questions to your main guide to be sure of how the tour to Machupicchu will be.


DAY 1: Cusco – Sacred Valley – Ollantaytambo

We offer you unique in its adventure, this adventure helps you to warm up your body and your oxygenation in Cusco because we are at an altitude of 3300 mt,/10,826.77 ft, that is why this tour helps you to breathe easily in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. because every time we go down in altitude and your breathing is much better for you, Departure at 8:00 am from the city of Cusco to the Valley of the Incas, travel by tourist bus and estimated travel time is one hour to reach the first Inca archaeological park called Pisac. A guide inside the park will be two hours or more with a guide who knows the route of the valley of the Incas, later after the guide we go down to the town to explore the main square of Pisac with an exuberant crafts and from there we will continue with our adventure to the city of Urubamba, with a time of 1 hour there we will have our first stop to rest for lunch on the route to Urubamba, and after recharging our energy we will continue by bus to Ollantaytambo park for our guide and hotel in the same town for better oxygenation
  • Maximum altitude: 3300 mt/ 10866 ft
  • Lower altitude: 2700 mt/ 8856. F|
  • Travel time: 6 hours of tour
  • Climate of Cusco: warm temperate
  • Hike: easy moderate
  • hotel in Ollantyatmbo

DAY 2: Ollantaytambo – KM 104 – Inca Trail To Machu picchu

This day the pick up will be as early as 5:00 am to walk an estimated time of 15 or 20 minutes from your hotel to the train station to head towards the short Inca trail. Km 104 short Inca trail to Machupiccchu, with a 7-hour walk, to be inside the archaeological park with a distance of 12 km / 6 miles, an adventure in a cloud forest ecosystem or the beginning of the largest known Amazon jungle, legendary path of the ancient Peruvians or Inca society, throughout your adventure you will have the best views of the mountains that accompany the famous mountain of Machupicchu path of stairs or steps and archaeological parks along the walk also to see the flora and fauna until you reach the lost city of the Incas or city of gold, this historical path with a lot of information for you information about the Incas and the ecosystem that surrounds the citadel of Machupicchu. Then arriving at the citadel of the Incas Machupicchu we will have time to enjoy the best photos of the ruins of Machupicchu and later we will take the bus to go down to the town of Aguas Calientes or Machupicchu town with the same name. Arrival time to the town will be 4:30 or 5:00 pm and you will enjoy your hotel, hot shower and dinner in one of the restaurants in the same town.
  • Maximum height: 2700 mt/8856 ft
  • Lowest altitude: 2150 mt/ 7053 ft
  • Travel time: 7 hours
  • Hike: moderate challenge
  • Weather climate: warm temperate
  • hotel in machupicchu town

DAY 3: Aguas Calientes Town – Machu picchu  Ruins – Cusco

This day will be a day of much information about the Inca culture and Machupicchu, our guide will be early to be able to spend more time inside the Inca ruins of Machupicchu and also unique photos of each Angle to satisfy our senses of emotion and emotional satisfaction. 6:00 a.m. We will take the bus that takes us to one of the wonders of South America in Peru, which is Machupicchu. The tour will take 30 hours to be in charge of the control of the ruins. In this control, it is important to have a passport to be able to enter the ruins of machupicchu for our final guide, the guide will be in charge of giving you maximum information about what machupicchu was in ancient times and who built and who lived extensive information to understand about the inca culture in machupicchu and from there we will go out to again take the bus down to the town of the same name, we will have time to enjoy lunch in the town before returning to Ollantaytambo by train and to the city of Cusco.
  • Maximum height: 2400 mt/7874 ft
  • Lowest altitude: 2100 mt/6525 ft
  •  Warm weather
  •  Hike: easy
  •  Travel time: 4 hours
  • Hike: easy



  • Transportation by tourist bus to your trip
  • Transfer from airport to your hotel
  • Transfert from your hotel to airport after your trip
  • Entrance tickets to the Inca ruins
  • Tickets from machu picchu incan site to machu picchu town
  • Train tickets and Inca trail also for Machupicchu
  • Professional Tour guide
  • Box lunch to short inca trail
  • Dinner first night in ollantaytambo
  • Oxygen and first Aid
  • Walking poles
  •  Hotel in Ollantaytambo 3 star
  • Hotel in Machupicchu 3 star

Not Include


  • Lunch on the last day in Machupicchu town
  • Breakfasts, first day
  • Tips for crew
  • walking poles


  • Sun creem
  • Sun hut
  • Personal backpack
  • Fly repellent
  • Clothes for day of tours
  • Trekking shoes for walks
  • Snacks
  • If you have your own trekking poles
  • Toilet paper
  • Money if you want to buy some crafts in the valley of the Incas
  • Sun glasses
  • Your personal medication



Our Pricing, To Short Inca Trail to Machupicchu is reasonable price, because in out trip is included  Machupicchu entrance tickets, train tickets, hotel in Ollantaytambo,hotel in Aguas Calientes or Machupicchu town, which is one night. Price Per Person or families adventure, Who wants to enjoy our Peruvian Culture.
  • Price on Two People: $ 550
  • Price on Three People: $ 520
  • Price on Four People:  $  470

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Short Inca Trail + Valley Vip To Machu picchu 3D

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