sun gate tour by horse - Ollantaytambo
sun gate tour by horse - Ollantaytambo

Sacred Valley of the Incas 1D

Guiding The Sacred Valley Of The Incas

The valley that surrounds the city of Cusco was an important place for the Incas. From the imperial city to MachuPicchu, the Sacred Valley of the Incas is full of ancient constructions that this South American civilization built for various purposes. Take a journey back in time to larger-than-life structures left behind from the Inca Empire.  On the Sacred Valley Tour, we will spend a day visiting military, religious, and recreational sites with truly awe-inspiring construction, ranging from buildings with stones weighing over 160 tons to 500-year-old structures that look new.  Learn about how locals lived in a flourishing society, and how it drastically changed centuries ago on our tour of the remnants of a vibrant culture.

Briefing To Sacred Valley

Our  professional tour guide is in charge to give you  an information about our tours to sacred valley which is Pisac inca site and Ollantaytambo before Machupicchu incan site. Into those places we are going to have time to learn about every single incan site, what was in ancient time, who live here or insite this sacred places.


Pisaq inca site and sacred valley of the incas

Pisaq, adorned with terraces and finished around 1470, was intended for agricultural self-sufficiency and a defensive lookout for anyone approaching from the Amazon Region. This area housed an astrological center, an artisanal sector, tombs where 3000 mummies were found, and about 900 buildings. Engineers of the time faced an incredible challenge of transporting water up the mountain, which they skillfully solved using a proper combination of pressure and taking advantage of gravity in their stone aqueducts.

Pisaq local Market

We will continue with the tours to visit  the local market, also we are going to have change to eat local food in the market, named Pisaq, where the artisans feature their work ranging from hand-made musical instruments, to hand-woven fabrics and apparel about llamas and alpacas.

Ollantaytambo Sacred Town and Machupicchu

This site was used to control the entrance to Machu Picchu, in addition to being a resting place before continuing on to the mountain-top city. Enormous stones from a pink granite quarry on a mountain approximately seven kilometers away were used to create some of the terraces and buildings. Terrace agriculture was limited to flowers and other ornamental plants. Across the valley on the side of a neighboring mountain, tall grain houses are visible, with many windows to allow ventilation to preserve stored food for several years. Intended to be the Sun Temple, construction in this area was never finished because architects and builders were ordered back to Cusco to defend the city.


  • Pickup from your hotel
  • Private, round trip transportation
  • Professional tour guide who speaks English, Spanish, and Quechua

Not Include

  • Lunch is not included
  • walking stick

what to bring

  • Passport
  • Boleto Turístico, which is your entrance ticket to every site on the tour
  • Water and snacks, although they are available for purchase along the tour
  • Camera with extra batteries
  • Tips for our guide and spending money if you wish to purchase items along the way
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Clothing for rain, cool, and warm weather (the days tend to be cool in the mornings and warm up quite a lot in the afternoon)
  • Sun protection including hat, glasses, and sun screen (we recommend broad spectrum water resistan



Gruop Service Price

  • US$ 55 per person.
  • We are 100% indigenously owned and operated, The fact that our  company is completely local means all the money paid for treks goes  right back into the local economy, We pay our taxes to Peru, which goes into funding local and national government projects and  infrastructure.
Note: A minimum of  five people is required to run the trek, and there is a maximum of eight people per group.  

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Sacred Valley of the Incas 1D

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