short inca trail to machu picchu just in 2 days
short inca trail to machu picchu just in 2 days

Short Inca Trail & Valley Vip To Machu Picchu 2D


 Inca Trail Treks  to Machu picchu in two days, is the  best and unmissable tours only in a short time to  machu picchu incan site, be one day on the real inca trail hike to one of the 7 wonder of the world, just in one day full tour in machu picchu. also we are going to visit the sacred valley of the incas too. Our first day will be to sacred valley tour, which is will be to visit  chinchero incan site also alpaca factory, after that we are going to visit sald mine  and maras moray also ollantaytambo inca site.   second day will be a full hiking to machu picchu tours, this hike is for people that has enough phisical conditions to hiking on the real inca path to  machu picchu to guiding tours.

Briefing For  Valley Vip And short Inca Trail

One day before starting the tour, we will have an orientation on how the tour to Vip Valley and the one day Inca Trail tours is carried out, at this time you will have to ask your questions to your tour guide. This tour guiding  for two days is super adventure will be your lifetime tour. Sacred valley tour, short inca trail hiking and machu picchu tours is unique designed by machu picchu path travel peru.  


Day 1: Cusco – Vip Valley – Ollantaytambo

On this day our pick up will be early in the morning, 8 am, our tour guide will be at your hotel to pick you up with the tourist bus, from this moment we will start the tour to the vip valley. Places to visit Chinchero, Maras Moray, Mina del Sal, Ollantaytambo, from Cusco to Chinchero it will be with a time of 40 minutes to explore the Inca city and also, with a hour guided tour and views of handmade textiles that are 100% native of alpaca and llamas. Handmade, in this place it is the best place to buy your gifts for your family because, the local people work everything by hand, there are no jobs with machines, that is the difference that makes the most tourist places. After doing the guide we will continue with the tour, time will be the visit to the moray maras, where we will appreciate inexplicable magical places since ancient Peruvians, one of them is moray, a place that is on a flat plateau in front of the mountain of verónica. Then our visit will be to the salt mines in Maras, where we can appreciate more than 3000 dregs where artisanal salt is made. After our visit to these places we will have lunch on the way before our last archaeological park which is Urubamba Ollantaytambo.

DAY 2: Iinca Trail – Machu picchu – Cusco

This day, each one of you will wake up very early, to go to the train station, which is in the same town as Ollantaytambo, from your hotel to the train station it is only a 15 or 20 minute walk to get to the train station. train, from where we will board the train to go to the Inca trail. The time by train will be 1:20 minutes until reaching the point called km 104, from this point the Inca trail to Machupicchu begins. In this place we will be at 7:45 am, here we have a control where we can show our documents to the park ranger of the Inca Trail before starting the walk to the lost city of Machupicchu. Inca Trail, our walk will be on the Inca Trail for 6 hours from where it begins until we reach Machupicchu Inca. The road is smooth at the beginning, after 1 hour it will be a little climb to reach a place called wiñayhuayna, with a height of 2600 meters above sea level, after this archaeological park the road is super easy to reach inti punku or machupicchu gate, Throughout this walk we will enjoy many things such as archaeological parks and nature, the mountains that surround the majestic Inca Machupicchu or called the last refuge of the Incas. Upon arrival in Machupicchu we will have a moment to take important photos, those photos that you see in newspapers and news to Machupicchu, that will be the point for us to take the best memories for each of you, then we will begin the guided tour of the entire Inca machupicchu and after From 2/30 we will take the bus to go down to the town of Aguas Calientes or the town of Machupicchu to return to Ollantaytambo and Cusco.



  • Transportation by Tourist car
  • Transfer from Airport to your hotel
  • Transfer from your hotel to Airport after Tour Trip
  • Entrance Tickets to inca Trail and Machupicchu
  • Professional Tour Guide
  • Train Tickets
  • Tickets from machu pichu incan site to  aguas calientes
  • Bus
  • Bag lunch to inca Trail
  • Lunch first  day
  • Dinner first day

Not Include


  • Breakfast fierst day
  • Trekking poles
  • Tip for crew
  • Lunch second day in Machu pichu


  •  Personal backpack
  • Water for your day
  • Sunglasses
  • sun hat
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Trekking shoes
  • Dried fruits as a snack
  • Sun creem
  • your own first aid
  • If you have a trekking stick
  • your onw medication



the price is for two days tour to machupichu, here going to machupicchu is lke doing 4 days or 2 days, but is the same way to get to machupicchu, here we have full tickets, for train, entrance tickets to machupicchu also inc atrail too. Our price is reasonable because, you spend the same as 4 days or 2 days of trek to machupiccchu

Runing in two people or group.

  • Price on two people:  $  500 per person
  • Price on three people: $ 470 per person
  • Price on four people: $ 420 per person


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Short Inca Trail & Valley Vip To Machu Picchu 2D

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