Tickets To Machu Picchu

Get Your Tickets In Advance.

Machu picchu one of the seven wonder of the world, Travel tour comapany machupicchu path, suggest you to book in advance to inca trail or you machu picchu tour, now so we can secure your spot for your preferred day and any month  from jaunary to December. because machu picchu is coming more besy every single year, that is the reazon the people are booking 6, 7,8,9 month before to secure his own inca trail or tour inca machu picchu with any incomvenince . book in advance to machu picchu inca site, this is the priority to explore the ancient inca city, because more are taking train to be in machu picchu that is the reason like every single month is sold out machu picchu inca site, but if you are booking in advance you are going to have your spot to be in machu picchu inca site enjoying the beautiful place. also you must have as a entrance Tickets to machu pichu the route 1, 2, if you are going just by train but if you are get in just for 3 nad 4 ois not nice to explore the ancient ruins, every body want to get the classic photos from top or let say from upper part of machu picchu inca site to see the whole inca building. but as we suggest you to book in advance to are going to have your spot to explore the ancient inca city.

Inca Trail 4 Days To Machu Picchu Tour

The classic inca trail to machu picchu is one of the famous trek through the sacred mountain to machu picchu  to explore the sacred place as a ancient building in south america, this inca trail is with camping in the mountain, talking about the road which is going through the mountain is unique adventure to machu picchu tour.

Day 1: Cusco – Km 82 – Camping

The hiking road is abuot 12 kilometers in total from the begining to our camping , Our  begining is from  km 82 to small community named huayllabamba, where we over night with our team, who are the team, people who are going with to ina trail, they are our angles on inca atrail, because they are carring averything for us to over night in the mountain.

Day 2. Huayllabamba- Dead Woman Pass – Pacaymayo Camping

The second day Trek on inca trail to machu picchu is about 13 kilometers from camping site to pacaymayo alto, this day is the challenge hike on inca trail to get to camping. 6:30 am, your starting the hike way up about 6 hours to get to the top of the inca trail, which is named dead women pass this hiking is already with inca steps whish is making the differnt on inca trail. aftar that waydown like 2 hours at less to get to camping,  This day depents about your own step going up or  going down , but anyway your are geting there about 4:30 or before.

day 3: Pacaymayo Alto -Phuyupata Marca – Wiñayhuayna Camping

This day is about 16 kilometers to get to last camping which is winayhuayna,  this day is longer but is the highlight hiking on inca trail, because you are going to have sach a nice view to vilcabamba mountain. Also you can already the famous beginning fo amazon jungle far a way, also from this inca trail you can see just the macchu picchu mountain, righ here your going to have the view to the small town aguas calientes , where you will have the last lunch in the town.

day 4: wiñayhuayna – sun gate – Machu Picchu

This day is you highlight to be in machu picchu, hiking hours is just about 1/20 minutes, To be at sun gate from here you see already machu picchu inca ruins,  everybody are enjoying the view from this beautiful place, because you are going to be in the upper part of machu picchu inca site. after sun gate is abou 1/30 minutes to be in machu picchu inca site to get your classic photos about this ancient inca builfding. your Travel Hike is ending  here, after you photos we are going  outsite just to use toilets or to eat somting, before to explore ancient inca city. the guiding tour into machu picchu will be as 2  hours at less, to know who lived here, how many people lived in this ancient biulding, the guide will be in charge to show you the best road to to explore this beautiful sacred place

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