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Travel Safe Peru

Travel with tour guide and safe as a hiker in the mountain, because in peru , cusco we have many road to explore beautiful places, in whole peru.  cusco also has many beautiful incan sites to explore, lets go with tour guide. short inca trail to machu picchu is unique hiking on the inca path, explore the alternative hike without tour guide, but take going just by your self. as lares trek or to salkantay trek, ausangate hike if you are traveling by your selt go at list with tour guide to be sure and safe, in cusco exist a road to take a machupicchu the famous salkantay trek, the other is lares trek , Ausangate trek. Solo Traveler,  at list you must speak a little bit spanish lenguas, because on that mountain not body speak ingles, to explore just as a solo hiker this is as a rule to explore the cuscquenian mountain, if you are lost the local people they can help you.

inca trail to machu picchu for Solo Traveler

Inca trail to machupicchu the 4 days hiking, is amazing to be on the royal inca path, for this trail you need a permit, also as a entrance ticket to machupicchu, here alway you are going with tour guide, also with tour company, to have everything  as a tent, dinning tent, persoanl tent to sleep in the mountain, for inca trail  to machupicchu every single company has his own license to operate the inca trail  if you go as solo traveler dont worried you are going to be safe along the inca trail, because along the road you can see many tour companies offering the same road to get to machupicchu, also you are going to camping in the same place as a group

How Is Inca Trail To Be Safe

This inca trail to machu picchu, through the mountain to get machu picchu tours, the begin is at km 82 you can pass valleys  mountain hillup , down hill,  but the view is unique along the way every single view is amazing along this inca trail also you can see rivers lagoons, go  face your challenge.  inca trail hiking is 45 kilometers to in machu picchu incan site,

Better Hike For Solo Travel Is The Short Inca Trail To Machu Picchu

This hike is short hiking to machupicchu, is just 2 dyas tour to explore machupicchu incan site, one day hike on royal path to machupicchu is about 12 kilometers to hike from the begin to machupicchu incan site, along the way we have beautiful incan site to explore the  amazing sacred place, there are chachamba incan site, the other is wiñayhuayna also people call as mini machu picchu, because is really amazing place also here,  you can will charge energy about those sacred place before to get to sun gate and machu picchu Day 2 is just  3 hours tour into machupicchu incan site, this day you are going by bus to machu picchu inca site  to do the tour, after that again yuo will caming back to the town, to have luch or to explore the town, in the afternoon you are taking your train to back to ollantaytambo after that cusco to your hotel.

Lares Trek  With Tour Guide

Lares trek to machu picchu, is a remote place to see the real inca culture is in lares trek community , here you can enjoy the view , the animal as a alpacas and llamas,  this mountain is really colorful to explore. if you want  to explore you must go with tour guide to this oplace, why , because along road  there are many road going to diffents places  ou can see llama road or alpaca road, some time people are following this trail which is going to danger places or to rives or lakes which is not  nice, be safe  is good

Salkantay Trek To Machu picchu  Is Safe

Salkantay Trek to machu picchu is really good to solo treveler  because is very big road to follow to get to machupicchu, but along the road we have local people, living as a farmers, also the two days is easy trek to solo traveler, because is just mountin to hike also you see many peolpe along the road,  day 3 you are at the begin of the mazon jungle, there also we ahve many road to different places too. also, here we have snake  same time not nice, but we dont have any people who dead, but you must have care about this guys Tour guide is very important to be safe,  also you change yo ask to your guit how to get to machupicchu, how to get entrance ticket too  

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