Short Inca Trail & Machupicchu By Train

 Machupicchu, The last refuge of the incas

Machupicchu trek,  is unique sacred building  at top of the mountain,  its unique sacred place in our ancient time for our ancient peruvian.  Actually we have people who come here just to charge the possitive energy fron the natural nature. This year, is one of top place to visit by tourism in south america  as a machupicchu incan site, this incan site was build up by ancient Civilization in peru, according to arqueología   this place took to build up over 50 years. Just imagen how long took to work with rocks. Actually into machupicchu we have  over 5000 people per day, people are from all over the world visiting our ancient inca building in cusco región, but here you must have in your main first the enctrance tickets to machupicchu, the other tickets are train tickets two ways most important things to be in machupicchu incan site.  

Which Is The Different  Between Short Inca Trail  And  Machupicchu By Train.

Taking train  or  hiking on legendary inca Trail  you are going be in machupicchu incan site,  in other case people are taking  train fron Ollantaytambo to aguas calientres  after that they are taking bus to be in machupicchu.  But this the road  for  people easy  and  that is the reason the entrance tickets are sold out quick. Doing inca Trail is just the unique experience in your life,  lifetime memory,  this hiking on legendary path to machupicchu,  walking on real inca steps, with unique view to machupicchu valley and  white peak of the mountains that going arround this sacred place. Going this path  we have beautiful  inca building along the road to machupicchu, when we get to those places we are exploring  every single site with big history about inca people

Machupicchu By Train

This tour is consider  one day tour to machupicchu, because is just by transportation fron cusco to aguas calientes town  also to machupicchu inca site.  Time to start this tour to machupicchu is about  4:30 am from cusco to Ollantaytambo, after that you are taking the expedition train to get to aguas calientes town.  But dipend about your tour company  every single company handle his own road to take people from cusco to machupicchu. But going from ollantytambo  by train you beautiful view to the valley and rocky mountains, also you can see how change the ecosystem along the road.  At the begin  you can apresiad Little plants, but after 40 minutes is totally differents the nature change so quick. Getting close to aguas calientes  is already andean jungle, here already local people are plating  as a avocado trees, banana plants, Orange, pacion fruit, coca plants, because the microclimate is hot and humid. Once you get aguas caliente you can take a local tour guide to go to machupicchu  maybe is  coming with you from cusco, that is dipend of you travel comapny.  After that you are taking tourism bus. Time to run is about 30 minutes to get to the principal  control  in machupicchu inca site, here you are in charge to show your Passport to people  who are  cheking every single entrance tickets to one of the seven wonder of the world in cusco. After control you are going  alittle bit up to take the best photos to machupicchu incan site, your guide is in cahrge to show you every single sacred place in machupicchu, as  inca palace and inca temples every where. The time to explore with guide in machupicchu is about 3 hours maximun , after that as a group you are going outsite to take the bus to back to the town of aguas calientes also here  you can time to have lunch before to go to the train station to back to Ollantaytambo and cusco.

Short Inca Trail To Machupicchu

Here, before to start any tour, we have meeting with our client one day before to give all information about his guiding tour to machupicchu.

Day 1 : Cusco – Inca Trail – Machupicchu

The company is going to pick up the client from the hotel in cusco, after that  by bus to Ollantaytambo train station.  From cusco to Ollantaytambo is about 1/30 minutes driving by bus, once you get there, you must show your entrance tickets to the train,  here we have 3 differents sirvices as train to machupicchu. Time to leave cusco city is 4:00 am to Ollantaytambo, because the train is 6:10 which is expedition train  to machupicchu. But if you want a little late, yes there is a vistadome train , but more spensive, but is really nice train with really Good service and view from window. The begin of the inca Trail is at the km 104, hiking time is  8 am a the first step is coming  with beautiful incan site along the road to machupicchu.  One of the incan site here is call chachabamba a beautiful  inca palace, here will be your beginning of inca history, also along the road you are going  talking about our inca culture. Total hiking is about 12 km from the begin to machupicchu incan site, let say  6 km is a Little bit  moderate challenge to get half road.  This pointis really important for a people who are doing 4 days hiking inca Trail, basically this is the campsite for those guys and this place will be our  lunch spot. Talking about lunch, your lunch is box lunch  which is included in you trip to machupicchu, but you are in charge to carrying you food  along the inca Trail. Once when get to the half way which is wiñayhuayna incan site, this point will be lunch spot fou us. After that you must cover 6 km to be in machupicchu, but before to get to machupicchu   you are going to be at the sun gate, this is the place where you can see already machupicchu incan site . Your path is now  about 40 minutes to be in machupicchu, once you get there, the hikers have the apper part of machupicchu just to get the beautiful photos to machupicchu, as you saw by internet or by Facebook or instagram this the point to get your photos. After enjoying the view and photos you must go outside to take your bus to go down to aguas caliente to pass the nigh, here you are going to your hotel, also your guide will be in charge to tell you what time to to  go to have dinner in aguas caliente town.  

Day 2 : Aguas Calientes Town – Machupicchu – Ccusco

This day you are going by bus to machupicchu incan site just to explore this sacred place with your guide, this guiding tour in Machupichu will be 3 hours,  will be big inca history, like who discovered machupicchu at first time, who took the inca tresure, also who biulded this sacred place at begins fo amazon jungle. after that, you are going outside to take your bus to go down,  also in the town you are going to have time to have lunch in one of the restaurant. After lunching  together with your guide you must go to train station to back to Ollantaytambo and cusco,  but from Ollantaytambo you are going by busto cusco, train is just from machupicchu to Ollantaytambo after that bus to your hotel in cusco.

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