Machu picchu Path Team

Indigenous tour company, truly locally based in ollantaytambo at the entrance to machu picchu incan  site. is already for 2024, Book in advance to   Machu picchu Tour, Dont wait until last minute to get your entrance to machu picchu guiding tours.

Ronald Troncoso Santos

Ronald is a endiguenuos tour guide, from the high Andes of Cusco, he has worked for more than 13 years as tour guide on legendary inca trail to machu piccchu. Taking 100 and 100 people to Machu picchu doing the Inca Trail and other routes such as the Salkantay Trek, Ancascocha Trek, Inca Quarry Trek and other routes that lead to the Lost city of the Incas Machu Picchu

Guide License

Our tour guides in our team, they were going to university about 5 years, after that we can get our license from our Peruvian Government, also we must we have to comply with local government rules, with out license we cant work as a tour guide on inca trail to Machupicchu