Machupicchu Tickets

 Machu picchu Tickets Peru

Peru, has many place to explore because is one of country with many ancient culture in whole territory, as a country have the unique eco sistema,  Peru has amazon jungle, the andes and north. everywhere you can find different ancient culture could be in amazon jungle or in the andean mountains  so amazing  country in south america, if are exploring peru, just make a plan to go there, in the south peru had a big culture know the inca culture. This group of people have been builded sach a beautiful temple at top of the mountians one of them is machupicchu incan site at the begin of the cloudy forest

Machupicchu Inca site

Cusco, is one of the sacred place because, here the inca people builded sach a amazing temples and palaces towers to sky watchers, along the way you can see bueatiful terraces as a farming area, if you are in cusco, you are in the inca land or inca territory also you can start with tour in cusco city and sacred valley of the incas, inca trail and machupicchu inca site. the famous hiking is the 4 days hike on legendary inca trail to machupicchu, also by short inca trail to machupicchu, other way also is by train from cusco or from ollanataytambo to machupicchu town or aguas calientes town, after this trip still you are going by vun to machupichu incan saite to explore taht could be with tour company o private tour guide that is depents of you.

How To Get The Entrance Tickets To Machupicchu

Once who want to get tickets,  you must be in cusco city close to principal  plaza, arround that they have a little plaza call regocijos, there you must look a street call  (calle garcilaso) there on the left site, there is a machupicchu office where you can get your ticket to machupicchu inca site once you get your machupicchu ticket now is to find your train ticket to go to machupicchu inca site, the same the train office is in cusco too  

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