Frequently Asked Questions

We are an Indigenous Tour Operator in Cusco – Peru

FAQS: Machupicchu Path Peru

Frequently asked questions asked by people who want to travel to Peru are:
How is going the weather in cusco, also where to stay in cusco city, how is going the clime in machupicchu, peru tours, but we can suggest you to travel peru, from March to September is consider as a dry season in peru and cusco also really good to do machu picchu tours.

In Cusco you can visit the local market, and museums, tourist galleries. Also chocolate museum where you can taste this delicious Peruvian product, you can also taste the best food from Cusco, also Peruvian piscos that will accompany your meal

Cusco is located in the Andes of Peru. Where it has many trekking routes around cusco.
 as short inca trail, cusco tour, salkantay  trek, lares trek, inca quarry trek, by train to machupicchu.  any hiking road is ends in machupicchu


The Cusco city Cusco is 3,300 mt above sea level, it is high, so we say if you plan to do a tour or trek in Cusco. You have to be in the city of Cusco a few days before starting your trekking, because  the problent is the altitud sicknes so  those couple days is very important for you. also you must drink water i dont know how must of water are drinking every day, but do it, water help the altitud sicknes

of couse, cusco city is really touristy places, which is mean here we have people from different place. in cusco you can find many restaurant touristy, we have italian restaurant, china restaurant also peruvian restaurant every single restaurant has his taste to offer, and we have vegetarian restaurant all product is natural in cusco

The best food that you can find is out of the city,  one is going to local market call san pedro, there local womens are cooking health food as a quinua soup, inca soup.

One also is going to local places to eat  as sacred valley of the incas and tipon city, where you see many varieties of meal

Cusco city is really good, is safe place thank to tourism  also people is really nice, if know one person is much better your staying in cusco city. places super cool are san pedro, also av, sol and limaq pampa are safe place to walk , but if you want to hike by your own  out of the city , that is not good, go with friends or with local tour guide.

yes many of the travelers always feel the altitude sickness, because the city is at a level of 3,300 mt from the sea, But we have many things that help our travelers like medicinal teas and other things like oxygen ball, i always recomended to drink coca tea or muña tea those  helping the altitud sickness

For machupicchu you need an entrance ticket. If you want to explore by your own this beautiful Inca citadel has  controls before entering the Machupicchu ruins,  also you must reserve your entrance ticket with travel company in advance to be in machupicchu.

sometime is already sold out before couple month

We have only one day tour to Machu Picchu. we have trains that take us to machupicchu incan site or you can take the short inca trail to machupicchu because we have one the hiking tour to explore the ancient building mapi

it depends on what date you are traveling for the first times it comes after November until February it is like a couple of months of rain and you should come prepared if you want an adventure

Near to Plaza of Cusco we have many shops but one of the best is Nortface, another is Marrie also colombia are those  hiking store, also there is shops that rent clothes from treks such as jackets, tents, sleepings, matras and others

Machupicchu is considered ono of the seven of wonder of the wold peru,  this place is very safe to travel to south america, also we a legendary inca tral to do big exercise

We have many bars because the city is very touristy, that is why there is a variety of drinks in the city.
the best is pisco sour and cusqueña beer