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Pick Your Path With Local Tour Guide To Machu picchu, booking with Machupicchu Path Travel, will be more easy your Trip to South America, our inca trail trek is awaits you

Booking with Machu picchu Path Travel

Book Tickets to Machu picchu Tours incan site and Huaynapicchu are very limited, so to guarantee availability we recommend booking at least 7-10 months in advance, especially if you’re planning to Travel during the high season (May to September). Huaynapicchu is only open from April to November. It is closed the rest of the year because of the seasonal rains and to allow for restoration projects.

We offer private tours, but we recomended to Book in advance to take  any of our tours to machu picchu. so the number of people you will be travelling with is based on your booking request.

Deposits: A deposit of $200 USD per person is required to reserve space on any of our treks to Machupicchu. The rest must be paid before starting any Tour or Trekking with us, if it is not paid the traveler will not be able to make it, and all final payments must be in cash, everything in cash will be in dollars, because other types of money are not accepted

Send Your Deposit Via WETRAVEL

You can submit your deposit via Wetravel according to the instructions available on our website. Please note that wetravel automatically adds a 6% tax per transaction. The fee is additional to your $200 deposit. Once you have submitted payment, please forward the confirmation email to us to continue with your booking.

If you choose to send the deposit via direct transfer from your bank, please remember to include the 3% up tax with your $200 per person deposit ($200 per person)

Payment Conditions.

Deposit is required to guarantee your reservation to  any of our treks. Otherwise we cannot guarantee that services, will be available on your requested dates.

The $200 per person deposit does not include any fees or taxes associated with your transaction.

Once you have submitted your deposit, please send us the confirmation email or MTCN to us so we can confirm your reservation and book your tickets to Machu Picchu and (optional) Huayna Picchu as soon as possible.

The deposit is non-refundable. As soon as we receive your deposit, we book your Tickets to Machu picchu. when we are reserving the space basically is to be there, but if you canceled is imposible to get your money , because this money is going stragh to lima. which is really difficult to re- selle the same space, because already is with your name the space

The final payment is due after your orientation session with your guide (usually the day before your trek starts). Cash Only.