Alternavite Inca Trail To Machupichu

Inca Trail To Machupicchu

Peruvian tours cusco,  cusco city is located in the mounatin about 3300 meters,  10,826.77 ft,  this is just the plaza de armas but, when you go  just 100 meters out, is already more than 3300 meters more high elevation little by little and around this beautifufl place we have sacred place to explore the inca land. Our cusco tours, there are sach nice place to explore as a group or by your own,  the first incan site  is sacsayhuaman inca site, the other is quenko, pukapucara,  the lust one is tambomachay inca site jsut close to cusco city

Alternative  Hiking To Machupicchu

Talking about trekking to machupicchu, there are many ways to get there,  if you are looking  trek to machupicchu, any hiking to machupichu is know as a inca trail to machupicchu. Inca Trail.  This trek to machupichu is more know by people in the world but, We have other trekking  that are know as a lesser know hike  to machupicchu one of then is Ancascocha trek, salkantayt trek, lares trek, inca quarry trek, sun get. those are  less explored by people

Inca Trail 4 Days Hike:

This trek is one of the best hike to machupicchu peru, there is a unique ecosistema every single day, also there are many thing to see along this hike to every single camp, there are incan sites local houses, native plants, animal as llamas , picks also  black bear, deer, birds, flawers along the way to get to machupichu Day 1 :  this day is super easy for every body two is going to machupichu doing this trek,  whole day hiking is just 12 mt, 7 miles to be at the camp but, exploring the ncan sites and taking photos alonf the way, the view is amazing to see valleys and big mountain, rivers, farming areas alson local people along the trek Day 2: this day is a challenge hike  to get to camp  because, the hike will be  uphill  as 5 hours to get to the summit of this day, call warmi huañusca the elevation is 4200 mt, this the high point on this day  after that will be waydown to get to camp  about  3 hours  steps down  but, with beautiful view to mountain  and the nature is amazing this day, the view is unique here  also the experience is just uniquie Day 3 : pacaymayu camp, from this point to get to next camp will be 13 km  to hike, 2 hours uphill after that is super amazing hike with unique view to salkantay mountain and pumasill mountain also you can see this day already machupicchu mountain and machupichu town  is super nice day to hike this day  also  there are like 5 incan site to explore along the way to get to our lust camp Day 4: This day is your highlight  to be in machupichu inca site, in the morning your  awake will be super early like 4.00 am  this is for everybody as a awake bucause , the way is to help porters, which is they are going to the bottom  to take train to go back to ollantaytambo and cusco. that is the way how start your day this lust day to be in machupicchu incan site, walking  will be just 4 hours to be in the sacred place call machupicchu incan site, to explore every single building there, also the guiding si about  2 hours  here, before to leave the place to go down to machupicchu town or call also as a aguas caliente pueblo.

Inca Quarry Trek as a Inca Trail To Machupichu

inca quarry trek to machupichu, is one of the best hike as a alternavite hike but, on this trek we inca steps inca trail also in which is going to ollantaytambo incan site and after that is going to machupicchu, on hike we have beautiful view to mountains and we can see rivers,  also we can see here llamas  also as bird we on this trek condors flying around veronica mountain in the boig valley of incas,  here we can see incan ruins to explore is amazing hiking on this trek to machupicchu,  after 3 days hiking we can take a train to go aguas calinetes or machupicchu town , this before to get to machupichu inca n site Tour  To Machupichu.  after hiking day 3 in the afternoon we are going a take a train to machipchu town to stay there one night, and lust day which is day 4,   will be to explore the legendary machupicchu inca site,  here taking the train going to machupicchu we are going enjoing about the view along the way untill to get to the town why, because the train has nice window to have a view to mountains Day 1:  Inca Quarry Trek To Machupicchu, you can start the adventure  from cusco form your hotel to sacred valley of the incas, along the road is to enjoy the view to beautiful farming area also we can see local houses animal as a llamas , alpacas time by van is 1 hours to be at the begin of hike,  the beginnig is a commnunity call socma, a small village in the mountain they are just farmer here also caw and bull farmers, hiking time is just 6 hours is a moderate hiking to first camp call rayan the elevtion here is about 3370 mt, rayan is a small village to they are farmers too,  on way we have sach nice incan site ot explore call perolniyoc incan site also there there is a beautiful waterfall . Day 2: Rayan, veronica summit, cachiccata village, from socma to at the summit is about 5 hours hiking up but, with nice view to mountain  valleys and river also we are going to enjoy about nature here, after veronica summit  the road is waydown to big cañon call veronica cañon after that we are ging to be in special place  sunget  before our camp in the village of cachiccata Day 3: this day is more easy hike because, the road is waydown to have lunchat the bottom  in cachiccata valley before to be in ollantaytambo,  hiking time is just 5 hours to be at train station to take train to aguas calientes o machupicchu town When we get to the town your hotel will be set up to stay there one night, also dinner will be here to explore little bit of this town machipichu Day 4:  this lust day will be by van to get to machupicchu incan site,  the guiding into machupicchu is about 2 hours the whole building  machupicchu, after guiding this legenday machupicchu, we are going back to the town  to have lunch in the beautiful place after that as 2.50 will be time to back to ollantaytambo after this in bus to cusco city bassically, we are going  ending  the trip like 7 pm  

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