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Machu picchu Path, is 100% Indigenous Tour company in Cusco, Peru.




Our mission is to create jobs for our country people. There are many young people looking for new opportunities, but it is not easy, because we are from the highlands of the mountains and we are always discriminated against by the Andean race, who we are, that is our way and reason that we seek.

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Private Transport

Machu Picchu Path Travel Peru.  We  offer you the best adventure in cusco. we have  an van to go to different incan places to do the tours, every single tour that we have is personalyzed, private tours, lifetime experience

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Diverse Destinations

As a local tour operator. We work involving the local people from the andes, as you know we have beautiful Tours and Treks  to machu picchu, we recomended you to do the easy short inca trail to machu picchu

hotel de 3 estrellas en machu picchu

Great Hotels

Cusco is amazing place, for  Travelers , hikers,  as you know  cusco is such a tourism place, everything here is working with tourism, as hotel and restaurants too. you can find from 2* to 5* hotel in cusco peru

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Fast Booking

We are working from 8:00 Am, in our office in the Cusco city. every working day, We respond to our clients quickly and easily. We are working 12 hours per day from Monday to Saturday. basically any time we are with cellphone, to talk about any tours

Machu picchu Path Travel Peru is an Indigenous Tour company.  we are basically based in Ollantaytambo Town.  but also we are in Cusco city. We are an authorized Company on the Inca Trail, Easy short inca trail to machu picchu

Tour Guide To Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu Path Travel  by Ronald Troncoso. When I was little my parents taught me the native language of the Incas, I also speak Spanish, but when I went to school they taught me Spanish.
Thanks to my parents our culture is still alive in me. I speak three languages, the easiest is my native language, now I speak more Spanish with the last generation. My story is, When I left my community in search of new opportunities in the cities, despite everything I continued studying to improve my life. Now I am a tourist guide, because I studied English for 3 years, after all I managed to graduate in the name of the nation as an official tourist guide. already i took more than 1000 people to machupicchu

Social Project In The Community

Join to create ideas that can help in the communities, the reality is already seen in many places, that people are suffering from water. In this project we want to donate 1 dollar per traveler, to clean the canals and irrigation. Supporting this cause of water is very important, because soon there will be no water. We can help by collecting rainwater and reserving for dry seasons, as we see every day, there are insedios, there are no plants, we plant and it doesn’t grow due to shortage of rain.

The world is burning, and the main liquid is running out,