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Welcome to Machupicchu Path Travel, your ultimate destination for amazing Machu Picchu adventures. Explore our wide variety of Tours and Treks, including the classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, a historical hiking journey. Choose a shorter trip with our 2-day Short Inca Trail or marvel at the breathtaking scenery of Rainbow Mountain with our specialized tours. Select from alternative routes like the Inca Quarry Trail, Ancascocha Trek, and Salkantay Treks to Machu Picchu, each one offering a unique view of the area. For those looking for a more secluded experience, our Lares Trek to Machu Picchu reveals hidden treasures along the way. Experience the authenticity of the Inca Trail on our one-day hiking option, ideal for those with limited time. Our happy customers’ testimonials confirm the unique and personalized quality of our tours. At Machupicchu Path Travel, we don’t just offer trips; we create unforgettable memories. Discover the wonders of Machu Picchu with us – where adventure meets authenticity. Book your journey today.

Explore Beyond Of Inca Trail

Trekking with Machu picchu path to classic inca Trail and short inca Trail to Machu picchu, is amazing Tours Peru to your unique destinations, could be short inca Trail and 4 days inca Trail, These hiking Travel is unique, that is take straight to ancient inca site Machu picchu, Machu picchu view is unique too, Machu picchu tours is Amazing going by Train or following the Legendary inca Trail peru

Traveling by vistadome Train is also really good to have beuatiful unique view, along the way you can see farming fields, as a corn plants and potatoes and quinua plant, also going close to machupicchu town you can see abocado plants and coffe trees too.  But the better  and enjoeyable  experience is  doing  the short inca trail , also there is a peaceful Hiking Tours by inca quarry to Machupicchu. Explore  our Ancascoha Trek or Salkantay trek to Machupicchu

Pick Your Path to Travel To Machu picchu: The Ultimate Guide to the Best Tours and Treks

Machu Picchu is one of the most amazing places in the world, and there are many ways to explore it. Whether you want to hike the famous Inca Trail, take a scenic train ride, or discover alternative routes, you can find the perfect tour or trek for you with Machupicchu Path Travel. In this guide, we will show you the best options to visit Machu Picchu, with detailed information about prices, durations, difficulty levels, and highlights. You will also learn about the history, culture, and nature of this incredible site, and get tips on how to prepare for your trip. With Machupicchu Path Travel, you will not only enjoy a great adventure, but also a personalized and authentic experience. Don’t miss this opportunity to see Machu Picchu with your own eyes. Book your journey today and choose your path to the wonder of the world.

Ancascocha trail to machu picchu by machu picchu path travel

Colonial Places

rainbow mountain guiding 1 day


sun gate tour by horse in Ollantaytambo


inca quarry trail to machu picchu 5 days


machupicchu tours

Leyendary Sites

Tripadvisor Reviews

Incredible Experience at Machu Picchu I had the most incredible visit to Machu Picchu and Ronald went above and beyond to ensure our experience was tailored to us. We were booking at a time where ticket releases were extremely unpredictable, Ronald checked in with me every couple of days to ensure I was well informed. He was extremely well informed with the history of the site, and is an incredible story teller. I highly recommend booking with Ronald and Machula Expeditions for your Machu Picchu trip!
Michela F
Michela F
Amazing 2day trip with the best guide! I did the 2 day Inka Trail led by the knowledgeable and friendly guide, Ronald. The organisation run smoothly, food and accommodation were perfect! Ronald took the time to walk me through his Inka culture and traditions and he shared many interesting things about plants and flowers. It was an unforgettable experience and I really recommend anyone to go for it with the best guide you could ask for: Ronald. The hike itself is feasible and definitely enjoyable! Thanks Ronald !
Aleksandra W
Aleksandra W
Amazing trip! It was very easy to coordinate the trip, even though we both don’t speak Spanish at all. We had a short meeting before the trip to discuss details and make sure we have all needed documents and equipment. Frank was extremely knowledgeable about Machu Picchu, he answered all questions we had and explained the magnificent history behind the smallest part. It was a real pleasure to listen to him and spend time in this beautiful place. Would highly recommend everyone going to Machu Picchu!
Un viaje inigualable! Nuestro viaje a Cusco con guía Quechua Roneld. Cuando recién empezábamos a buscar que hacer en Cusco, nos sentimos abrumados con toda la información a cerca de tours en la ciudad, miles de páginas ofreciendo tours pero a precios muy diferentes de agencia a agencia, con grupos pequeños y grandes pero sin saber qué agencia era real o fantasma. Encontré a Roneld de casualidad y su honestidad desde el principio nos dio calma y alivio. Roneld se encargó de planear, reservar y hacer que nuestro viaje fuera todo un éxito con constante comunicación antes y durante, siempre al pendiente de nosotros. Nos decidimos por un tour privado para dos personas. Hemos hecho un City tour el primer día, segundo el valle sagrado visitando Maras, las salineras y Ollantaytambo. El tercer día subimos la montaña de siete colores y para finalizar Machu Pichu. Roneld se encargó de tener transporte privado para cada día, llegaba a nuestro hotel muy temprano en la mañana a recogernos y empezar el tour. Siempre con historias interesantes y relatables, sin exagerar (como otros guías que escuchábamos en el camino). Aprendimos de cultura Inca, gastronomía, sus valores, construcción pre-incaica, la conquista, el amor por su tierra y raíces. Recomiendo ampliamente a Roneld, quien es un guía certificado Quechua, que mantiene su cultura y más que nada apoya a negocios y personas locales. Es importante reconocer que para ser un guía certificado se estudia 3-5 años y se practica por años. Muy interesante ver cómo cualquier persona se puede hacer pasar por guía en Cusco. Muchas gracias por todo Roneld, has hecho de nuestro viaje a Cusco mucho más de lo que teníamos en mente! Y gracias también por tu paciencia con tanta foto jaja
Best private guide in Cusco Me and my fiancé Went to Peru for the first time, spend 5 days in Cusco and the best decision we did was to Take a private guide to truly understand the Incas’s culture and how they lived. Ronald (our guide) has more than 15 years of experience, he told us everything he knows about the Incas, the Peruvian culture, the food, the population and answered every questions we had! I can honestly say that I learned so much and I have made a new friend. Thank you Ronald. He did everything for us to have the best experience possible! He speaks Spanish, English and Quechua (which helps a lot when you want to learn more about the local population)! I can’t recommend him enough. You will have a real adventures based on your wish. He does hikes, day tour and plan everything for you. Most important you don’t pass by an agency or tour company therefore you cut the middle man. Thank you Ronald for making this trip even more special. BEST guide in Cusco, and remember Ronald you have a home in Canada!
Brenda S
Brenda S
A REAL journey into the Quechua culture & history of Machu Picchu - Locally Ran Roneld is simply spectacular & my experience of the short Inca Trail exceeded my expectations. Not only was the trek and the landscape breathtaking, but Roneld's knowledge, vibe and conversation made it truly unforgettable experience. I wanted a truly local experience, and was very skeptical of taking one of the million agencies that claim to be sustainable and inclusive, and I was so happy to have found Roneld through instagram. From the very beginning he was very honest and helpful in picking the right trek for the time I had available, and his attention to detail was exceptional. For 2 days we shared stories, debated the impact of tourism on local communities, compared Aztec and Quechua cultures and laughed. I really recommend traveling with Roneld and to support small, indigenous ran, and fair-pay agencies. Yes, Machu Picchu is amazing, but actually understanding how the Quechua lived, why it is important, how life has changed and the challenges that come with receiving so many visitors each year is far more important. 5 stars on logistics and on organizing every aspect of the trip! Not only did I get to experience the magic of the trek, but I made a great friend along the way.
Diane W
Diane W
Incredible 2D/1N Rainbow Mountain journey, the trip of a lifetime This trek was both breathtaking and unforgettable. My guide, Ronald did his best to arrange the 2D/1N private nature trek for me as requested. He knows about all these mountains and all the locals living in this area as well. The crew consisted of 1 chef, 1 helper, 1 horsemen with 3 horses. We hiked 12km on the 1st day passing through Ausangate Mt. along the way to our camp site in the valley by a little lake. The mountain views are well worth the effort. We woke up early in the 2nd day morning and started to hike another 6km to Rainbow Mt. By 7:00am we arrived at the summit of Rainbow Mountain before all other day-trippers arrive. All the surrounding scenery are so beautiful and this trek is simply incredible. After taking photos, we hiked up to another summit to overlook the Red Valley. The view was stunning up there. Didn't want to leave but we still had to slowly came back down to the trail head to have our lunch before our private vehicle to take us back to Cusco. My guide Ronald gave me a lot of encouragement along the way and the crew did an excellent job making me as comfortable as possible. Delicious food for both days. I love so much that they really care for me and give me the best experience about their beautiful country. Without Ronald and the crew, this journey will not be possible at all. Big thanks to them for making this trekking a trip of a lifetime.
Shilla Z
Shilla Z
Muy buena atención Muy bonita experiencia en mi viaje la cuzco recibí muy buena atención y sobre todo puntualidad gracias al señor Ronald conocí hermosos lugares
ivan i
ivan i
Inti Punku Super satisfecho por la atención lo máximo ??? llevaron la ruta de inti Punku y genial atención de 1ra..??? super recomendado ?
VIP Excelente servicio empezando desde la puntualidad, contenido de la información, amabilidad muchas bendiciones

Unforgettable Machu Picchu, Peru, tours for everyone

What would you say if you could behold the grandeur of the Inca Empire with your own eyes? Let’s find out! Book a tour to Machu Picchu to mark an escape from dull reality to a world taken over by exotic nature and the mysterious history of citadel ruins.

Walk down the legendary Inca Trail and learn the most intriguing facts about the ancient civilization if you have had it on your bucket list for years. Or trek other routes if your adventurous spirit resists the usual. We have tours that nobody can say “No” to!

Hiking tours to Machu Picchu through the Inca Trail

If you aren’t a die-hard hiker, go for the short version of the Inca Trail route. During the hike, you are destined to fall in love with Wiñayhuayna and Chachabamba while sightseeing the exotic flora and fauna of the Andes until you reach the Sun Gate.

Up for a challenge? Spend more time in The Lost City with our extended package trips to Machu Picchu. The classic 45-km route puts you in the Inca pilgrim’s shoes, guiding you through the paths they used to walk to the once-habited site. With Ollantaytambo, Huayllabamba, and Pacaymayo included in the itinerary, that’s a four-day vacation to remember!

Less touristy treks

Our Machu Picchu travel tours are admired by those who can’t stand paths beaten by more people than the Incas ruled over. If you are seeking unique ways to visit the hilltop ruins and other gems, pack your bags for:

  • Lares Trek
  • Salkantay Trek
  • Ancascocha Trek
  • Moonstone Trek
  • Inca Quarry Trail

All these routes have different difficulty levels and duration. Depending on your planned vacation time, you can take 2-7-day tours that may be extended upon request.

Discover more wonders of Peru

Don’t want to limit your Machu Picchu vacation to the hilltop citadel? Extend your stay in Cusco, your starting point for every trip to Machu Picchu. As a former capital of the Inca Empire, this location is packed with centuries-old temples, ancient archaeological sites, and the jaw-dropping Plaza de Armas.

Besides the city, we can take you to its scenic surroundings. If you are now picturing the plateaued Sacred Valley, the turquoise waters of Humantay Lake, or the colorful Rainbow Mountain, you’ve got it right.

Book a trip to Machu Picchu to never miss a thing again

Are you ready to flock to one of the most visited South American destinations? With Machu Picchu Path, you are set to discover Peru’s ancient history and extraordinary nature.

As your Machu Picchu travel agency, we have bilingual guides for the entire trip so that you can unveil every secret hidden in the Peruvian Andes. We will also organize your stay from A to Z, including meals, transfers, and the best accommodation in the area.

Whether you find it more fascinating as a group activity or want to trek without distractions, there’s a tour for you. Put your name down to travel to Machu Picchu and nearby UNESCO sites!